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12/24/2015 - Someone said:

12/12/2010 - Ikram said:
Dear Sir/Madam

We are manufacturer of very high quality is:

Horse bits, Jumping Saddle, Horse boots, Horse Stirrups, Horse Spurs, Horse Saddle pads, as well as equine dental instruments Dental float, Tooth picks, Mouth Gage,Genther forceps, Tooth extracting forceps, etc.

Castration forceps, Balling gun, bull ring, sheep shear, Mouth gage, Milk sucking preventer, Bull holder harms, Hoof cutter green painted, Hoof tester, Dental float, Tooth picks, Mouth Gage, Etc.

Please send us your complete address so we will send you some samples for your approval.

Looking forward to your reaction.

Warmest regards,
bitting specialists & comprehensive bit bank service

01/08/2009 - Someone said:
nice horse

09/30/2008 - Sherry B said:
These must be the best Peruvian photos I have ever seen. I just ordered 1 of each of the featured pictures. Thanks Sherry

09/24/2008 - Andrea said:
Thank You for the Central Coast Peruvian Horse Classic photos. I missed the show and was happy to see the photos posted. I ordered some prints for my daughter. Thanks Again!